What is FedRAMP?

Fed Ramp is a program initiated by the United States government that facilitates organization to maintain a methodology to standardize security assessment, authorization and constant monitoring of the cloud and its processes. FedRAMP uses the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) guidelines and procedures to provide standardized security requirements for cloud services. Specifically, FedRAMP leverages NIST's Special Publication [SP] 800-53 - Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations series, including the baselines and test cases.

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Why FedRAMP?

  • Consistency in security
  • Conduct business with federal agencies
  • Instils confidence in security practices
  • Continuous evaluation and monitor of security

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Prevention of reputation/financial loss
Increased trust
Avoid legal violations
Pre-approved vendor

Our Workflow

Data privacy assessment

Assessing the privacy policies of the company against the regulations is performed by the team of experts at Vault Infosec

Implementation support

In this stage the team of experts at Vault Infosec would tend to the support of our client's implementation of controls

Internal Audit

In this process, an internal audit is conducted by the team in order to validate the readiness of the client's compliance

Certification Audit

Final audit where the certification is provided by the certifying body to the establishment