What is end point security?

It is a practice that businesses need to follow to protect all the devices that are connected to the network in order to secure the workflows and processes. Endpoint security protects the network from malware and threats that can potential cause breaches compromising data. Vault Infosec will assist organization in securing their network with endpoint security solutions.

Defend your business against the latest cyber threats

Why end point security?

  • Data is the most valuable asset
  • Increasing number of endpoints
  • Phishing attacks
  • Avoid compliance violations

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Avoid financial losses
Best cybersecurity practices
Patch management
Better visibility

Our Workflow

Understanding the environment

It is important to elicit the business process that are practiced within the organization so that we can list out all the endpoints and also make note of all the private and sensitive data

Granting access

In this process, we carefully craft the required security solutions that would ideally suit each layer of technology being used. Post this access is granted to individual endpoints on the basis of their requirements


Finally, after detecting all the vulnerabilities within the network and implementing the necessary solutions for them, it is crucial to monitor the performance of these solutions to understand the status of the vulnerabilities