What is HIPPA?

HIPAA is a legal compliance practice that is essential for healthcare facilities to follow in the Unites States since 1996. HIPAA – Health Insurance Probability and Accountability is a privacy law that ensures Protected Health Information (PHI) is protected. Vault Infosec has experts who can smoothly guide your organization through this process.

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  • Protect medical records
  • Industry standards
  • Ensure confidentiality
  • Data privacy

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Prevention of reputation/financial loss
Reduces healthcare fraud
Security and privacy
Certifies compliance

Our Workflow

Gap assessment

This is the first step in any compliance management service where the differences between standards policies are accounted

Implementation support

In this stage the team of experts at Vault Infosec would tend to the support of our client's implementation of controls

Readiness audit

In this process, an internal audit is conducted by the team in order to validate the readiness of the client's compliance against HIPPA guidelines