Architecture Review

Architecture Review

What is architecture review?

It is procedure by which the system architecture and configuration is assessed comprehensively for its security controls. These controls work better when they are built-in instead of it just being an afterthought. Vault Infosec has a team of experts to help your company with this service.

Defend your business against the latest cyber threats

Why architecture review?

  • Necessity for security controls
  • Establish countermeasures
  • Protect confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • Assess potential risks

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Risk-free environment
Multi-layer security
Mitigate risk
Compliance regulations

Our Workflow

Determine business requirements

The first stage of an architecture review is to understand the business needs and deliverables along with the compliancy requirements. This would also help us determine the scope of work

Assess design and architecture

Evaluating the existing parameter of the security controls and identifying strengths and weaknesses in the security controls of the architecture

Review security configuration

This step is crucial to gauge the existing security controls of the organization and determine their adherence to best industry practices

Compare findings

In this step the finding of the previous step is used to identify gaps within the current security design and suggest recommendations appropriate for them to improve their security controls


The final step would involve consolidated reporting by summarizing the findings and expert advice provided by our team