Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud Security Assessment

What is cloud security assessment?

Data is always in transit and it can be risky to use cloud technology without assessing its security status and latest vulnerabilities. Performing cloud security assessments by the team of experts at Vault Infosec can reduce the risk of any attacks and find flaws and misconfigurations. Our services include cloud configuration review and cloud penetration testing.

Defend your business against the latest cyber threats

Why cloud security assessment?

  • Authentication of users
  • Protection of data privacy
  • Reduce downtime
  • Multi-layered security

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Secure facility
Avoid potential loss
Mitigate risk
Prevent lawsuits

Our Workflow

Understanding the environment

The scope and limits of the application are elicited by our team of experts and all the relevant information are gathered

Reviewing the architecture

We define the high exposure portions of the application based on the information provided to us

Vulnerability identification

We use state of the art vulnerability scanners to identify and analyse them further


We perform penetration testing on the identified vulnerabilities to assess the level of exposure on the application

Comprehensive reporting

We will furnish a detailed report on the identified vulnerabilities and the level of exposure along with the necessary recommendations for remediation. We also provide an executive summary for the same

Suggestion by the expert

Based on the demand of the customer we further design and implement security capabilities and also offer maintenance and support services for the same