IOT Security Assessment

IOT Security Assessment

What is end point security?

With increasingly growing usage of IOT across industries, protection of these devices is also crucial for their continuity. Our team of security experts, perform top notch security assessment and project the vulnerabilities that need to be fixed in any IOT device. Secure your IOT devices from malicious attacks with the help of experts at Vault Infosec

Why IOT security assessment?

  • Incorporate security by design
  • Identify potential security gaps
  • Mitigate threats
  • Compliance requirements

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Protection against data loss
Mitigate breaches
Secure devices
High reliability quotient

Our Workflow


The scope and limitations of the device are elicited by our team of experts and all the relevant information are gathered to understand the usability of the device


Checking the compatibility of the device as the number of combinations by which a single device can be connected to another device are plenty. The hardware and software configurations are also tested

Reliability and scalability

With the help of visualization tools and techniques, the reliability and scalability quotient of the device is tested

Data integrity

The amount of information gathered by an IOT device is massive and also critical, considering the sensitivity of the information, data integrity is a must


The overall security of the device and user authentication requirements are all verified as well


Performance testing is crucial for eliciting the IOT devices testing plan in detail