SCADA Security Assessment

SCADA Security Assessment

What is end point security?

Analysing real time data in Industrial level machineries and technologies has never been easier. The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system gathers information required to monitor and control the equipment in water, energy, transportation industries etc. This technology plays a major role in running the production smoothly. Even a small malware in an end-point system can collapse the entire network infrastructure. Some companies had to use remote management to operate the systems which requires the systems to be connected to the internet. This drastically increases the possibility of the occurrence of cyber-attacks.

Why SCADA security assessment?

  • Identify weakness
  • Monitor your network
  • Analyse your network
  • Protect your infrastructure

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Reduces risk exposure
Mitigation of exploitation of vulnerabilities
In par with industry safety standards
Cost effective

Our Workflow

Architecture review

We will assess your company's existing cyber security posture

Device and application vulnerability assessment

Network vulnerability assessment

We use state of the art vulnerability scanners to identify and analyse them further

Penetration testing

We perform penetration testing on the identified loopholes and devices that allow unauthorized access to valuable assets

Comprehensive reporting

We will furnish a detailed report on the identified vulnerabilities and the level of exposure along with the necessary recommendations for remediation. We also provide an executive summary for the same