What is forensic and incident analysis?

Forensic and incident analysis is a method of uncovering the happenings of a cyber-attack or a breach in the system. This process involves identifying, investigating and recovering the files after a breach.

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Why forensics and incident analysis?

  • Containing the situation
  • Develop incident response plan
  • Analyse the breach
  • Closing the vulnerability

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Curating the evidence for legal purpose
Maintaining the integrity of the systems
Avoid financial loss
Track down the perpetrator

Our Workflow

Initial phase

The first step involves finding the data followed by acquiring and protecting of the data. This would her the analyst understand the specific event better

Second phase

Here the data is completely processed to derive all the necessary information out of the evidence

Third phase

Analysis of the extracted data is performed by the expert; this would be useful to better comprehend the situation

Final phase

Reporting of all the information uncovered from the data is completed in this phase. This report can be used as a playbook for any future incidents