What is cloud authentication?

Authentication is the process of identification of Client in Cloud Storage. There are two types of authentications, Server Centric flow and User Centric flow. This process enables your employees and users to access the resources in a pre-defined manner. This can help in speeding up productivity.

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Why cloud authentication?

  • Preventing unauthorized access
  • Avoid potential lawsuits
  • Prohibit operational downtime
  • No reputation damages

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Single strong identity
More security
Ease of access

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Cloud authentication:

This level of security is crucial for all cloud-based services; this type of authentication can enable the user with ease of access

Single Sign On

This is the mechanism by which cloud authentication is performed to grant the user access to the services with just a single set of login credentials

Types of cloud deployment models

There are 3 types of cloud deployment models, Public, Private and Hybrid. Based on the type of cloud, the authentication process differs depending on the usage